Bill Works For Dad

from by Allison Sciulla

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Button up your shirt, pull your tie up tight
Where's your briefcase Billy-boy?
Gonna go work in your father's biz
Where's your briefcase Billy-boy?

Workin' for dad, Oh what fun
Gosh, were just so proud of our son

Bill works for dad

Park your silver Lexus in your private space
It's time for a power lunch
Use your corporate card to chop a few lines
It's time for a power lunch

Get out your pointer, Get out your chart
Make your presentation and try not to fart

Bill works for dad

Pencil in appointments that you'll never keep
Put 'em on speaker phone
Place a long distance call to your shrink
Put 'em on speaker phone

Spin in your chair, pretend you're slammed
Post a "Selfie" on Instagram

Bill works for dad

Harass the secretaries who think you're a dork
Chicks dig guys who wink
Make the network crash while you download some porn
Chicks dig guys who wink

Dad's getting' old, So stay on the ball
'Cause one day you'll inherit it all

Bill works for dad


from Wholesome, released April 1, 2014
Allison Sciulla - All Vocals
Vinnie Corbo - Guitar, Bass and Saxophone
Brandon Turchiano - Trombone
Drake Peterson - Trumpet
Jeff Kaser - Tenor and Baritone Saxophones
Gary Motsumotto - Piano
James Alsanders - Drums



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Allison Sciulla Los Angeles, California

Allison Sciulla is an author, comic, musician and multimedia artist based out of Los Angeles, California.

Raised in an Italian household, Allison was brought up to be very verbally and physically expressive; tools that prove to be invaluable in her quest to be the loudest, most obnoxious person in any given room.
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